We have highly qualified and experienced language teachers.


  • Are highly experienced in the ESL/EFL industry.
  • Have an average of 16 years teaching experience.
  • Are native speakers or virtual native speakers.
  • Have taught abroad (in more than 10 countries).
  • Taught in public & private sectors, colleges & universities.
  • Have credentials: DELTA, CELTA, Masters in TESOL or TESL Canada.
  • Present in conferences nationally & internationally.
  • Are motivated to help you learn as fast as possible.
  • Have learnt & speak foreign languages.
  • Are friendly & goal-oriented.



Leo Gomez
CEO & Founder

Leo has worked as a teacher, a trainer, an academic director, and an ELT consultant. He has been teaching English as Second or Foreign language for over 15 years and has taught in five different countries.

He has taught all levels and a wide variety of classes - General English, English for Specific Purposes, English for Academic Preparation, Exam Preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, TOEIC, CELPIP), Business English - and that experience has enriched his knowledge of what it takes to create an environment that fosters learning above all. Included with his experiences teaching in the classroom, he has also worked as a curriculum designer and materials developer. He has been delivering professional development sessions in-service and at local and international conferences for the past 6 years.

Leo's main interests include teacher education, Corpus Linguistics, visualization in language learning, lexical teaching, minimal resource teaching and learner autonomy.


Chris U
Lead Coach & Director

Chris has been teaching ESL for the past 17 years in various settings, including colleges and universities, the corporate sector, and private academies. He has delivered courses in all levels of ESL, Business English, Pronunciation, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, CAE, and Tourism and Hospitality. He spent four years in Taiwan designing a computer-assisted curriculum, writing and editing course materials, training staff members, and providing feedback to colleagues through performance reviews, teaching demos, and personal mentoring.

In Canada, he has experience creating placement tests, assessing learners, hiring and observing teachers, designing curricula, presenting workshops, and evaluating resources and methodologies. His clients include professionals and university graduates requiring language and workplace training to facilitate success in the job market and in college programs.

In his leisure time, Chris enjoys reading literature, writing fiction, playing piano, and exploring on foot his beloved hometown of Toronto.




I was accustomed to being bored in classes, both in Spain and in other countries like Ireland or UK. Those classes always followed the same method. But Learn YOUR English’s teaching method was different, and in my opinion, much more entertaining. When you take classes you feel like you learn more because you are more interested and engaged.



Leo is the best teacher that I have met. He gave me a lot of food for thought and he gave me the key to learn real English colligations. If you wanna sound natural like a native speaker, you should know about this. After he showed me what it was about, I started to think like a kind of matrix, all those structures crossing my mind. Now I'm going back to Colombia with the best food for thought that I have experienced and with a pile of motivation to keep working on my English.



Learn YOUR English is a different school with a different way of teaching, which makes it a more interesting and special learning experience. The teachers care about my English skills and my improvement. Also, I can feel how hard they are working to teach us to learn how to study language, which I appreciate a lot. In the end, I can just say that I really enjoy taking these classes. Thank you!