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  • To change the way languages are taught by focusing on learning to learn.
  • To emphasize learner autonomy: where the focus is on students learning at their own pace, away from the classroom.
  • To provide excellence in English language training through uncompromising adherence to quality, unparalleled customer service, and exciting extracurricular entertainment.
  • To enrich the lives of the students learning English in our unique social environment by fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity.


  • We aim to provide top quality English language coaching and instruction to individuals from around the world who need to learn English for general, social or academic purposes.
  • We are committed to excellence at every step in the development and delivery of our English language training programs.
  • We are devoted to furthering innovation in the field of English language teaching and learning.
  • We strive to support ESL professionals with their development through the various stages of their career.


  • We believe that language is learnt NOT taught.
  • We go the extra mile, love what we do, and deliver results.
  • We believe in learner autonomy (learning at your pace away from the classroom).
  • We believe in each student’s potential to grow academically, professionally and personally.
  • We believe in working collaboratively and inter-professionally.
  • We believe in being inclusive and achieving cultural competence.
  • We believe in setting high standards and providing excellent service.
  • We believe in honesty and clear communication.


  • Are highly experienced in the ESL/EFL industry.
  • Have an average of 16 years teaching experience.
  • Are native speakers or virtual proficient speakers.
  • Have taught abroad (in more than 10 countries).
  • Taught in public & private sectors, colleges & universities.
  • Have credentials: DELTA, CELTA, Masters in TESOL or TESL Canada.
  • Present in conferences nationally & internationally.
  • Are motivated to help you learn as fast as possible.
  • Have learnt & speak foreign languages.
  • Are friendly & goal-oriented.



Communications & Professional Dev. Manager

In his career, Andrew has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies. Over that time, he has delivered a wide variety of courses both in Canada and abroad.

He started teaching in Costa Rica, where he lived and worked for over three years. In his time there, he delivered business-English and teacher-training courses, and would later become the director of studies of two separate institutions. In Canada, he has worked at a variety of language schools, colleges, and universities teaching EAP Foundation Courses and continuing his teacher-training responsibilities.

When he is not teaching, Andrew loves travelling, reading, and pretending that he’s a writer.


Vice President & Creative Director

Leo has worked as a teacher, trainer, academic director, and ELT consultant in five different countries since 2000.

He has delivered courses in all levels of ESL, ESP, EAP, TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE, and Business English. This experience has enriched his knowledge of what it takes to create an environment that fosters learning above all. Along with his classroom experience, he has also worked as a curriculum designer and syllabus designer. He has been delivering both pre- and in-service professional development sessions at local and international conferences.

In his leisure time, Leo enjoys reading, playing soccer with his son, and learning new things.


Project Manager & Investor Relations

Mike has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies in East Asia and Canada.

Mike began his ELT career in South Korea as a business-English, exam preparation (TOEFL/IELTS), and EAP instructor. He then moved on to China and Japan where he assumed a variety of ESL teaching and administrative roles. Since returning to Canada, he has taught EAP at universities and continues to develop curriculum for a variety of English language programs. He has also served of provincial and national professional bodies.

In addition to his ELT interests, Mike enjoys being outdoors and taking in some sports.




I had the distinctive pleasure to meet Mr Gomez last year in Toronto and I can assure he is an outstanding English teacher. I could observe his amazing in-class performance that is joyful, professional and really insightful for the students. I wish nothing less than absolute success to this great teacher.



Leo is by far the best english teacher I've had. In his classes, he chooses to discuss subjects from our everyday life. He makes us reflect about things that matter, so the language and grammar really sticks to our minds. I totally recommend his classes for anyone who wants not only to learn English, but to acquire skills to learn any other language by yourself.



Learn YOUR English has the best teachers for me! They are always planning amazing lessonS that will make your English better!! I really like the classes! I strongly recommend them to anyone.